25 Activities to do with your Elf on the Shelf

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Note: This page will get updated as I get new ideas.
What you'll need:
25 Activities to do with your Elf
  1. Make Christmas pancakes (include either food coloring or sprinkles)
  2. Draw the elf a picture
  3. Read a Christmas book Get $10 to buy a Christmas book and pass it to a friend when you’re done!
  4. Pick names for Secret Santa Buy ingredients to make slime
  5. Get 2 boxes of candy canes. Share one box with the neighbourhood.
  6. Write a Christmas story (include a handmade booklet)
  7. Write a letter to Santa
  8. Surprise kids with a puzzle
  9. Watch a Christmas movie
  10. Sort through old toys and donate 
  11. Decorate Christmas tree
  12. Make Christmas cookies and deliver to neighbours
  13. Christmas bath bombs
  14. Tickets to some trampoline place
  15. Make paper snowflakes
  16. Gift of Christmas socks
  17. Write a Christmas wish for the world and hang it on the tree
  18. Build a snowman (include a snowman kit with raisins, carrots, scarves and mitts)
  19. Walk around the neighbourhood and find the most festive house. Give them a card or homemade trophy.
  20. Family hot chocolate night (include a kit with marshmallows + whip cream)
  21. Make an ice cream snowman (include vanilla ice cream and stuff from previous snowman kit)
  22. Go skating
  23. Gift of Santa hats or antlers for the family
  24. Open one Christmas gift of your choosing
  25. Farewell gift from Elf - TBD
My kids weren't too enamoured with the Elf until she started delivering her notes in silly ways. Take the time to place the Elf in a funny way to elicit some giggles from your kids.
Or, you can just do this brilliant parenting win.

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