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Have you noticed that we're in an age of obsessive tracking? People track everything - the distance run that day, weight loss, # of followers. 

A few months ago, I was testing out the U-curve of emotions and everyday was feeling like a roller coaster. So many highs and lows within just a few hours. Then it occurred to me that this tracking trend mashed with my emotions research could solve all life problems. I mean, who doesn't heart a good graph!

So voila! A Happiness Graph was created and tested in my month of transitioning roles. Just visually seeing that I was experiencing more happy days than sad made me feel better.

Download a blank template here. I use the Paper by 53 app to track.
If you feel comfortable, send me what you capture!

Happiness graph

Note: this is applicable even if you're not changing roles. One could argue that life is a constant transition...

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  • I love this. The hourly thing really resonates with me! I will definitely give it a try.

    Simran Duggal on

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